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Solutions Introduction 

I am running as an unaffiliated independent candidate. All independents are long shots.

But ever since Ross Perot's 1992 lightning bolt presidential campaign, the American

people have increasingly identified as independents. (See Gallup Poll here.


Many voters -- from all parties and persuasions -- are telling me how disgusted they are

by all the fighting over issues they think government should keep its nose out of. They

don’t want government telling them how to live their lives.


I couldn’t agree more. But then, you (we) have to decide just what is the proper role

of government in these times. 


I favor a holistic look at some very complex questions to understand the function of

government. For me, that begins with everyone following the same rules and having

everyone at the table, not just the high rollers who are funding -- to the teeth -- my GOP


Don’t give up, folks. It’s just getting interesting.


Solutions Sub Pages

  • Harnessing appraisals gone wild (here)

  • Making growth pay for itself (here)

  • Keeping our water local, auditing & cutting back Vista Ridge, the San Antone Hose (here)

  • Ending giveaways to corporate interests as they destroy water and land resources (here)

  • Securing an independent review of how growth challenges our electric grid (here)

  • Opening up Texas elections to more competition with more than two choices (here)

  • Other issues (here)

For background, please read these articles I have written: "Rick Perry's Poodle", and "The Real Tragedy is Stan Gerdes, Not Paul Pape." 

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