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Other Issues

The Abortion Question:


While I respect those with different views than mine (many of them are my

friends), I agree with the father of modern-day conservatism, who said,

"There is no way in the world that abortion is going to be abolished. It has

been going on ever since man and woman lived together on this earth,"

Barry Goldwater, Aug. 6, 1992.


The Border Crisis

I’m for an enforced border, not a wall in most places on the border. I believe the wall costs too much and does too little. 


I believe that, more than any single issue in Texas, the border crisis cannot be solved through our two-party system. The problems are incredibly complex and are incredibly politically polarized. 


To SOLVE the problems, we have to get the politics out of it. Therefore, I support the development of a commission, led by independent non-partisans in business and the non-profit world, that would bring together experts and stakeholders to come up with a set of recommendations that take into consideration the many facets, including costs of border problem solving, the cartels (and Americans’ appetite for lethal drugs), property rights, wildlife concerns, historic facilities and compassion for people fleeing disasters and dictatorships. Also, please remember that our country needs more labor.


All these factors beg for neutrality and non-partisan solutions not slogans and name calling.


And last, to state the obvious, the partisan (red v. blue) fighting between the feds and state government is growing old. Do your jobs, guys and gals or face the wrath of the growing legions of independent voters!



I support the Second Amendment and am a gun owner. I also support stopping people who are mentally unstable or who have committed violent crimes or animal cruelty from getting their hands on guns. I hope the new law has tightened up reporting and background checks, and I don't have a problem with a court denying weapons to someone, so long as the person charged has full rights to defend themselves in a court of law.

Transgender Issues:

I want the government out of this issue as well. Let parents, the medical profession and those they choose to be involved, figure out how to care for their kids.

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