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Electoral competition -- more than two choices!

I have a long history working to open up and clean up elections. Here are

my concerns. Tell me yours. 


  • Enact the Texas Voter Choice Act for fair ballot access, opening up the field
    to more than two choices in Texas, including online petitioning.
    Great background here.


  • Give Texans the power to petition for statewide, county, and local measures
    for public votes. (I created LIV’s homegrown petition program here.)


  • End gerrymandering in favor of redistricting by independent, non-partisan
    redistricting commissions or a panel of retired judges. (I played a leading role
    in getting the one, unfortunately only, independent citizens redistricting
    commission in Texas established in the City of Austin via petition in 2012 here.)


  • Adopt rank-choice-voting and approval voting, ending expensive and poorly attended runoff elections. (See Texans for Rank Choice Voting here.)

  • End straight-ticket voting in Texas – already accomplished. Voters must go down the ballot and choose in each race, thinking before they vote. :)

  • Enact term limits – I support 12 years in each chamber, but please understand that voters, not legislators, pass them. That's why petition rights are so important.


  • Make it easier to vote, not more difficult. I support vote by mail and know it can be secure and widely used, as is the case in the State of Oregon for decades. It is also very important to the disabled and seniors. 

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